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Understanding all the costs involved with Student Living

Understanding all the costs involved with Student Living

Informative  |  Dec 31st 22

Are you someone trying to figure out the cost of student living at South Point? We know leaving your home and entering university life can be a little intimidating. So, South Point has room to accommodate every budget to ensure your finances don’t get in the way of your high-quality student living.

To help you understand the costs involved with student living at South Point, we’ve combined all the information you need in one place.

Once-off Fees

After booking your room at South Point, you will be required to pay a once-off fee for both a deposit and registration. The registration fee for each building is R1100, while the deposit amount will be the same as your rental.

The deposit amount is mainly for the security of the student accommodation in case you miss out on paying your rent or cause any damage to South Point’s property during your student stay.  Before you leave your accommodation at the end of the academic year, the deposit money will be returned to you.

If you choose to renew your accommodation with South Point by the end of the year, you’ll be given two options regarding your deposit. You can either have it refunded and pay it again when you register for next year or skip the refund and just pay a top-up deposit for the following year.

Monthly Fees

Your monthly fees at South Point will depend on the room you choose to rent. Apart from the monthly rent of your room, you will also have to pay a parking fee every month if you want to avail the parking space facility at South Point.

Affordable and secure student housing has become hard to find in South Africa, with a national shortfall of 300,000 beds. Luckily, South Point offers high security and a variety of rooms according to your budget. Living options include rooms, apartment units, and cluster units.

If you go for rooms or cluster units, you can choose from single, double, and sometimes triple rooms. In the case of apartment units, you have the option to rent a studio unit, a one-bedroom apartment, or a penthouse apartment.

The apartment units are relatively expensive compared to individual rooms and cluster units. Sharing your space with a roommate is another way to decrease your rent amount, as it will be split among the room’s occupants. 

You can check out the exact house rates on South Point’s website.

What South Point Fees Include

Your monthly rental at South Point will include water and electricity within a specific limit. By 2030, South Africa is predicted to experience a water deficit of 17%. So, South Point takes the overconsumption and wastage of water and electricity very seriously. 

If the water and electricity bills exceed the student accommodations determining value, we will have to adjust the excess charge in the accommodation rents. Also, if your room is equipped with an electricity metre, it is your responsibility to make sure it isn't tampered with.

If South Point finds proof of the metre being tampered with during your occupation, a fine of R5000 might be charged before reinstatement of the utility.

Are there any Deposits Payable? 

South Point only takes one deposit from its residents at the beginning of their registration. The deposit amount is the same as your rental. The deposit is for security purposes and can be used in case of any transgressions made by the resident throughout their 10-month lease.

These transgressions include:

  • Failing to pay your rent on time

If, under any circumstances, you fail to pay your rent, the rent arrear will be deducted from your deposit, and the accommodation will give you a warning.

  • Damaging South Point property

This includes damaging the building’s infrastructure or any appliances or utensils that the student accommodation provides.

  • Choosing to leave before your lease is up

If, for any reason, you decide to end your student living at South Point before your 10-month lease is up, a fine will be charged to your deposit. This is because South Point will bear the loss of that room being empty for the rest of the lease.

  • Leaving a Mess in your Room 

South Point is obligated to carry out four inspection checks of your room throughout the year to ensure you keep it clean. If you fail to keep up with this responsibility or vacate the room without cleaning it, South Point will have to hire cleaning services. The deposit will cover the fee for those services as well.

The charges that will not be covered under your deposit and that you will have to pay separately  include the following:

  • Fees for losing your room keys and needing a duplicate.

  • Moving any furniture from the common areas of South Point to your room.

You can check out the house rules at South Point for more information on additional fines.

What about Financial Aid?

South Point— the largest off-campus accommodation provider— is trusted by various universities in South Africa. So if you’re an NSFAS beneficiary, you can seamlessly book and stay at our approved buildings near your university. 

These are the funding options available under National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS):







  • Other

You can find all the details by visiting the intake booking page

What South Point’s Student Accommodation Includes

Student living at South Point can be a treat for all its residents. The accommodation’s rules may seem strict, but discipline will ensure you have a smooth stay at the student accommodation.

South Point accommodation includes access to all the common areas, including the kitchen, bathrooms, common rooms, etc. In addition, you will have access to high-speed wifi, a maintenance facility, and impeccable cleaning services for all the shared areas in the building.

Apart from that, South Point offers a variety of clubs so that creative expression could be an integral part of your student living. The student accommodation also has an academy to provide training opportunities to its residents who want a taste of the professional world.

For more information regarding the accommodation, you can contact our support team with your query, and we’ll get back to you with your needed answer.

If you want your student living experience to be secure, fun, and productive, choose South Point as your student accommodation. The security and facilities of the housing are unmatched, which makes it the leading student accommodation in South Africa.

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