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The South Point community is deeply saddened by the recent and seemingly endless spate of violence against women and children. The events of the last week and, in particular, the rape and murder of UCT student Uyinene Mrwetyana has weighed on us heavily, as it has directly affected the student community about whom South Point cares so much, are passionate about and to whom we have committed our lives. We are deeply hurt because we ‘know’ the thousands of young ladies who, like Nene, arrive at our residences from all parts of this country with the light, energy, passion and ideas that this country needs to nurture and encourage – among our most special gifts as a nation, but also our most vulnerable. Nene, like so many young women, entered university with an untainted vision to change the trajectory of a country (and world) that seems to have clearly lost its soul, conscience and, ultimately, its way. Instead of cherishing and cultivating these souls and minds, we have put out yet another bright light forever. RIP Uyinene. Our thoughts are with her family and friends.

Safety remains a top priority across all South Point buildings nationwide and we will continue to work hard to promote safe communities in our buildings and neighbourhoods.

If you suspect anything wrong, or have any enquiries regarding safety please don't hesitate to get in touch:

Johannesburg, Head Office

17 Melle Street Braamfontein
PO Box 31985, Braamfontein, 2017
060 073 2438

Safety Initiatives

    All South Point facilities have biometric access to ensure only residents and their visitors have access to our buildings.
    We have round-the-clock Front Desk Officers at each of our entry points who monitor building access for all tenants.
    Each of our lobbies have CCTV cameras in all our lobbies – monitoring and recording all movements
    In Braamfontein, we support and work with the Braamfontein Improvement District, to create a safer district environment outside our buildings.
    Our partnerships with all major tertiary institutions across the country provides support and collaboration for safety evenings and other safety initiatives (we’ve just hosted our first safety evening in Johannesburg, which we will be rolling out nationwide).

Street-smart safety rules

    Remain conscious of surroundings and report any suspicious behaviour in and around your building. Know where you’re going – and walk with purpose.
    Don’t interact with strangers on any level – and learn to always trust your instinct.
    Carry your rucksack in front of you (not hanging from your back). Keep your phone and/or purse/wallet in your front pocket – never in your back pocket.
    Do not stand or walk in public spaces while chatting or texting on your phone to avoid phone-snatchers.
    Walk in groups and stick to well-lit, busy routes – there’s safety in numbers. Avoid walking alone and taking short-cuts on isolated, quiet streets, particularly after hours.
    Do not flash cellphones, tablets or other expensive items.
    Should you feel unsafe or feel someone is following or approaching you, walk to the nearest populated space (e.g. a South Point residence, or an open restaurant or store).