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Living it up

At South Point we get that you like to study hard and play hard, which is why our student accommodation is based in highly liveable, well-positioned buildings within walking distances of most universities and public transport zones.

We go way back

South Point was established in 2003 to meet the growing need for student accommodation in South Africa. When we entered the property business we found exploitative landlords to be the prevailing alternative to on-campus housing. The majority of students resided in poorly maintained and expensive accommodation - hardly conducive to promoting a successful study and social environment. We therefore sought to focus our efforts on providing a differentiated offering to the student market, with an emphasis on safety, cleanliness and affordability at the core complimented by a vibrant student community.

South Point’s vision to become the country’s largest and leading independent provider of student accommodation outside of the universities themselves has been largely realised in the 9 years since operations commenced. We however continue to strive to create a lifestyle brand of distinction where students come to [reside with us while they] catapult their ambitions of personal growth through higher education. We still harbour ambitions yet of creating a business of even larger scale with more than 20,000 student beds without compromising the overarching objective of creating a unique experience for every student that chooses to be part of our community.

To achieve this, we aim to grow and transform the student precincts we have created in relative proximity to university campuses in all major cities across the country in the mould of what we already established in Braamfontein.