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About Student Life

We aim to create a sense of community among our students and actively develop and maintain relationships with our students during their stay at South Point.

In 2012, we formalised our student societies and invested in getting our students to have an active Off Campus experience. Students have since then started Chess, Debating, Music and Art societies as a way of self development and creative expression. We work with all the major tertiary institutions for our students to also take part in their soccer and Netball tournaments

Our Female student body has since established a society called the Girls Only Club, an initiative that looks at sisterhood, female issues and challenges they face as young ladies whilst studying at tertiary institutions.

Our student Life programme illustrates the brands commitment to our students and a constant desire to be unique and offer students a great living and learning environment.

Some of our annual events include:

  • Mr and Miss South Point
  • South Point’s got talent
  • Streetfest
  • Academic Awards
  • Guest Speakers


Welcome Back Event
Campus life festival in PE
Student meet & greet


Open MIC sessions
Societies Afternoon
Movie Evening
Student Party at Sbar


Comedy Evening
Drama Evening
National Play Day
Student Party at Sbar


Youth Month Celebrations


Mandela Day Celebrations
South Point Comedy Evening
Mr and Miss South Point PE
Student Party at Sbar


Student Party at Sbar
Woman's Month Celebrations
Movie Evening
South Point Sports Day


Miss South Point JHB
Heritage Day


End of Year Exam Chat

Sport Programmes

We host the South Point sports day as part of our celebration on diversity. This creates a healthy, fun rivalry culture from all the numerous buildings under the South Point umbrella.

RA Programme

Each Year, South Point employs Resident Student Assistants staying at South Point buildings to assist with the residence Day to Day management. Students are selected, trained and remunerated to be part of this prestigious programme.