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A Parent’s Guide to Student Accommodation

A Parent’s Guide to Student Accommodation

Informative  |  Dec 31st 22

Sending your child off to college or university can be a daunting process. After sheltering them for so many years, it’s hard to let them fend for themselves unprepared. Choosing the perfect student accommodation for your child can ease many of your worries and give you some peace of mind.

Not only will you be aware of their whereabouts, but you’ll also know that they are being diligently prepared for the world after college.

What is Student Accommodation?

Student accommodation is the residence where your child will reside whilst fulfilling a tertiary education.

The environment of your child’s student accommodation will significantly impact how they grow as a person and their attitude towards their studying.

With time, countries have started focusing on their student housing to facilitate students from around the world. The United States' investment in student housing increased to 10.1 billion US dollars in 2021, up from 4.5 billion dollars in 2020. The same is rising in our region as well.

What are the different student accommodation options?

There are various student accommodation options, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the standard options include:

  1. University halls of residence:

    These are student residential halls, better known as dormitories, owned by the university and are mostly located on campus for convenience.

  2. Purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA):

    These buildings are primarily built with the purpose of housing university students and are a popular off-campus student accommodation option for their unmatched facilities.

  3. Privately rented houses or flats:

    Some students opt to rent a house or flat to share with other students or even to live alone. Though this option gives the students more freedom than student-specific accommodations, it comes with the hassle of monthly bills and daily chores.

Some students choose to stay with their parents if their accepted university is close to their home. However, this doesn’t let them really get the full university experience.

What are the benefits of off-campus and purpose-built Student Accommodation?

A student can enjoy the best of both worlds with purpose-built student accommodation - a dorm’s student environment but with better amenities like those in private housing.

Benefits of a PBSA over a rented house/flat:

They are located near most universities.

The security is top-notch.

Students still get an environment conducive to studying.

Students don’t have to worry about utility bills and daily chores.

PBSAs provide premium facilities within a reasonable budget. With the rents in South Africa increasing by 3.8% in 2021, private housing will only increase financial pressure. (change rates to match 2023 data)

Benefits of a PBSA over university dormitories include:

Unlike some university-owned old buildings that have been adapted as dormitories, PBSAs are frequently maintained.

You’ll get premium facilities like study lounges, social events, collaborative TV, laundry rooms and more.

You can choose from different rooms according to their sizes and your budget.

What to look out for when choosing student accommodation

The proximity to the university: The building should be within walking distance of the university or public transport zones.

Affordable rent: You’d be surprised at the various budget options PBSAs have for different rooms.

A high standard of living: This includes cleanliness, fast wifi, and premium facilities.

Social scene: This includes social events and clubs where the students can express their creativity.

Security: This includes CCTV cameras, biometric access to the building, emergency plans, etc.

Inclusive Bills: The rent should cover all the additional costs of the facilities so that you don’t have to deal with multiple bills.

Centrally located Purpose-Built Student Accommodation from South Point

95% of surveyed students claimed that the property's location was vital for their satisfaction when residing in student accommodation.

South Point has buildings all across South Africa, including Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria, Capetown, and Gqeberha. Each building is centrally located in their respective city so the students can easily find transport to commute.

Also, the central location ensures they don’t miss out on all the fun each city has to offer.

What is Included in the Fees?

At South Point, the accommodation rent will cover the room, furnishings, and cleaning of the students' shared areas, like the common rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. However, the room allotted to the student will be their own responsibility to keep tidy.

The rental fee will cover the water and electricity charges until a consumption limit is exceeded. Apart from that, security expenses and maintenance charges will also be included in the fees.

What Additional Costs should be Considered?

South Point will charge extra for any damage done to their property by a student. If the rooms are not well kept, South Point will have them cleaned, and the student will be charged for the service.

The PBSA will also charge an additional amount for the maintenance of a student’s personal items and replacement keys in case they lose their original ones. Apart from that, if the student requires a parking space, they’ll have to bear a monthly charge for the facility.

Student Safety is Key

South Point prioritises student safety. Their safety initiatives include:

Biometric access to avoid intruders

CCTV monitoring in all the lobbies

Round-the-clock front desk support to control tenant access at all entry points

Security partnership with Braamfontein for security outside the building

Collaboration with major tertiary institutions to enhance and include more safety initiatives

In addition, South Point also gives their students personal safety tips for when they are out in the city.

Why choose South Point?

South Point is the perfect PBSA in South Africa regarding security and standard of living. They don't only ensure that the living accommodations of your child are of high quality but also aim to provide them with a productive student life. For this, they have various programmes, clubs, and social events.

South Point offers various employment opportunities to their tenants and student program to help nurture their creative side and leadership style, from a Brand Ambassador program to the Residential Assistance program, your child will not only enhance their soft skills but also become part of a brand that values community building.

If you want to extend the care you’ve given your child throughout their tertiary education years, then you must check out South Point; a PBSA that values not only its students’ living environment but also their personal and professional growth, which is rare to find these days. The opportunity is not one to miss.

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