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FAQs Regarding Building Consolidation

FAQs Regarding Building Consolidation

Statements  |  May 13th 21

Dear South Pointer,

In our quest to help you student better, we’ve had to respond to business limitations presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. In the current state of the unknown, what is clear is that non-contact learning, driven by Covid-19, has resulted in residents being spread across too many buildings, making it difficult for us to effectively manage our cleaning, security and facility services.

To deliver the optimal customer experience we need to consolidate our residences that have lower numbers of students, so as to tighten resources and remain true to our strategic objective of student better. Keeping this in mind, and as a small token of our appreciation, we’ll also be providing a R1,500 shopping voucher to each student who is moving on finalisation of the new lease.

To ensure a smooth transition, we’re rolling out a hybrid communication model that includes written correspondence, SMSes and consultations. In preparation for our consultation sessions, and to further empower you, please see below FAQs:


Q: Which students will need to move?

A: We’re moving students who currently reside in buildings that have lower student numbers. We’ve worked hard to minimise the number of students impacted, but we will need to temporarily close a few of our buildings for the 2021 academic year.

Q: How did you decide where I’m going?

A: A number of factors influenced the decision-making process, including proximity to your current residence, the price-point of your current room and your gender against the availability of same-gender rooms in nearby buildings. While knowing it won’t always be a 100% match, the aim is to provide you with like-for-like accommodation, as close as possible to your current set-up.

Q: What if I can’t move during my allocated time?

A: Please email or WhatsApp us on 064-757-9638 and we’ll be in touch soonest to address.

Q: Can I continue sharing with my roommate? Can we move together?

A: We will endeavor, where possible, to move you into a new room with your current roommate if you’d both like. Both roommates will need to come to the admin support location together to ensure that this happens and, ideally, as soon as the office opens.


Q: By when does this need to happen?

A: The temporary closure of designated buildings needs to be finalised by 28 May. Leading up to this, moves will take place systematically with different dates scheduled for different buildings. For timelines, please refer to the communication that will be emailed and SMSed to affected students.

Q: Why is this happening so quickly?

A: There’s never a good time to move. That said, we’ve worked hard to minimise the inconvenience and have plans in place to assist individuals who require extra assistance.

Q: Will I be given time to find alternative accommodation?

A: Yes, you will have until the end of May.

Q: I can’t move on my designated date. Now what?

A: It’s important that you communicate with us. Please email or WhatsApp us on 064-757-9638 and we’ll be in touch.


Q: This sounds like a mission. What will I need to do?

A: We’ll be communicating on a per-building basis, providing you with an overview of what to do and when to do it. Our student admin team will also be based in your building on the move-day to help you with paperwork and the moving process (Note: our student admin team will assist 90 De Korte students at South Point Central). To outline the process:

  • Ensure you’ve properly packed (moving boxes will be available by reception (FDO) and can be collected a day before the move).

  • Meet with the student admin team on your designated move-day.

  • Update paperwork, cancelling your current lease and, if applicable, signing your new lease.

  • Make use of the room-to-room movers to move to your new space.

Q: I can’t afford the associated costs of moving. Now what?

A: The move should not require any financial outlay on your part. We will provide you with two boxes, as well as SouthPoint staff assistance to lift any heavy items, as well as transport of your contents to your new building – a room-to-room move.

Q: I’ve moved. I’ve given it my best. But I don’t like my new room/roommate. Can I change my room?

A: As per South Point’s standard procedure, room changes are allowed – in this instance, it would be after 1 June. Please email or WhatsApp us on 064-757-9638 and we’ll be in touch to assist.

Q: What if something breaks during the move?

A: Please email or WhatsApp us on 064-757-9638 so we can address.


Q: Won’t higher-capacity living increase the risk of Covid-19?

A: SouthPoint has enforced super-strict protocol on its staff, tenants, suppliers, and partners since the beginning of the pandemic – and we will continue to do so. We have a dedicated Covid task-team; we’ve introduced hand-sanitisers throughout our residential and commercial portfolio; we take daily temperature readings on all staff, residents, and tenants upon entering all SouthPoint properties; we have installed Covid-19 directional and educational signage throughout all of our buildings telling employees, tenants and visitors what to do, what not to do and how to do it. Our strict health management protocol remains in place and will continue to be enforced.

Q: Where can I find more info on South Point’s Covid-19 interventions?

A: You can find out more via our COVID-19 section:


Q: My room is bigger/smaller. Will this impact on my rental amount?

A: Your rental amount will remain the same; the move will not have any financial impact on you.

Q: Can I terminate my lease? What’s the process?

A: Yes, you can. To do so, please come through to your nearest SouthPoint office. It’s important to note that your account must be fully up-to-date. Please send through an email to with a request to terminate and our team will call and take you through the process.

Q: How long will it take to get my refund if I decide to terminate my lease?

A: Students who require refunds will need to come through to the SouthPoint offices to submit the refund application, where we’ll guide you through the process. Planned timelines for cash-flow: To receive a refund by 28 May, you would need to request a refund by 21 May – your rental would be refunded by 28 May, with your security deposit refunded by 04 June (after the vacate inspection). Please note: If you know in advance that you will terminate your lease and want your refund by end-May, while knowing your move is scheduled for after 21 May, it’s important you apply for your refund before the 21 May cut-off so that your rental refund can be processed by 28 May.


Q: I still have more questions that are not answered here. What if I need to engage about a very specific concern with a SouthPoint team member?

A: We’ll be happy to assist, and advise that – rather than coming to a SouthPoint office – please email or WhatsApp us on 064-757-9638 and we’ll be in touch.

Q: Where can I get the latest updates?

A: Please follow our official social media accounts and visit our blog for ongoing updates:


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