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How to renew your student accommodation at South Point

How to renew your student accommodation at South Point

Informative  |  Nov 30th 22

With the end of the 2022 academic year, it's time to start planning for your next student accommodation. It’s essential that you don’t take the lease renewal of your student accommodation lightly because once you vacate your room, it is open for anyone to take after registration.

To help you through the process, we’ve compiled information about South Point's renewal process.

Reasons to renew your accommodation at South Point

Here's why you need to avoid any further wait and renew your student accommodation at South Point as soon as possible.

Increased demand for rooms

With over a million students enrolled in the universities and colleges of South Africa in 2022, the number is likely to increase this year. So, many students will be looking for state-of-the-art student accommodations like South Point for the best housing experience.

South Point has a “first come, first served” policy, so don’t wait too long before you renew your student accommodation.

Better than other student accommodation options

If you’re considering opting for a university dorm or privately rented house for next year, think again. South Point lets you enjoy accommodation benefits that no other student accommodation can provide.

From a training academy to social events to creativity clubs and premium facilities, you’ll find yourself missing these amenities when facing the disadvantages of on-campus housing and renting privately.


After spending a year at South Point, you probably have an established routine in which student housing plays a huge role. You’re used to the staff, the facilities, and travel routes from your housing building, etc.

Opting for a new accommodation would mean disrupting your routine and going through the hassle of adapting to a new lifestyle again.

Quick notes on vacating your room

Before you vacate your room at South Point, make sure you go through the following steps:

  1. Login

    to your stay account and complete the entire vacating process.

  2. If there are any errors in your account, contact administration.

  3. South Point will not be responsible for any belongings you leave there, so make sure to pack everything important.

  4. Before leaving, return your key to the FDO and show some identification proof so he/she can make a note that you have returned the key.

Note: If you need to stay at South Point over December due to some academic commitments, South Point will be happy to accommodate you as long as you give proof of that commitment.

The process to renew your student accommodation for the new year

South Point offers pre-booking for existing residents beginning towards the last month of academic year because everyone prioritises their existing residents.

You’ll be required to pay a registration fee of R1100 and a deposit for 2023 within a certain date to secure your booking. If you didn’t refund your deposit for 2022, you’d only have to pay a top-up amount for next year rather than the whole deposit.

If for some reason, you cannot pay your fees by the deadline, you’ll have to register again with the new admissions of 2023.

How our refunds process work

Our systems will process deposit refunds for all students by December 17, 2022. The refund deposit amount will be less than what the student initially deposited should there be any charges you accumulated during the year such as damage to protect.

If there are any issues with the refund process, you can apply for the refund again by logging into your stay account.

For more queries, contact South Point, and we’d love to help you out.

Renew your student accommodation at South Point

We hope the renewal process has been clarified for you. Your student accommodation should be devoted to making your student life as convenient as possible. So, renew your accommodation at South Point and retain your spot at one of the leading PBSAs in South Africa.

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