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If you’re after livin’ it up in safe, clean, affordable, convenient accommodation then welcome home because South Point has all this to offer and more.

At South Point we get that you like to study hard and play hard, which is why our student accommodation is based in highly livable, well-positioned buildings within walking distances of most universities and public transport zones.

We offer student accommodation in Jozi, Pretoria, PE, Cape Town and Durbs, so you’re almost guaranteed to find what you’re looking for.

At South Point our rentals offer a phashasha life fo sho!

For parents watching their children go away to complete their studies in the big cities, is always tinged with apprehension for their well being. For the youngsters themselves, there is a dread of the student accommodation itself and a concern as to how much of their allowance will remain to live it up with, after paying rent.

Consequently, back in 2003 we created South Point, by buying properties across the major cities and converting them into desirable, totally safe, fully furnished and more crucially, genuinely affordable student accommodation, all within the heart of South Africa's University communities. As a result, scholars looking for student rooms or student housing all over the country, are now able to find a South Point development in their nearest large city.

Our very first venture took us to the Braamfontein district in Johannesburg and we have since expanded to Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town. Since the Braamies (as it is affectionately referred to) creation, we have learned a lot and integrated ideas into all our developments, which has left us with a wonderful base of student accommodation for all residents to become part of a thriving and inspired community.

By some distance, our student housing in Jozi, outstrips all the other cities; at present we have 15 locations, the majority in Braamies, as well as in Doorfontein, near the Joburg Stadium. This remarkable 24/7 city is a fabulous place to continue your education, with a diversity of cultural activities on offer in the district.

At our other locations, we situate our student accommodation close to all the local amenities, with access to public transport, such as buses, trains and taxis, on the doorsteps. The student buildings are totally revamped, with pool and soccer tables, laundry facilities, and vending machines, together with 24 hour security. Common rooms are cleaned daily, as well as study rooms for the boring, but essential bits. It all adds up to brilliant value for money and a terrific environment in which to build some long term friendships.

South Point also run a selection of initiatives in conjunction with the students such as netball, soccer, chess, prayer groups, debating, poetry societies etc. We are very proud of our creation and committed to not only maintaining its reputation, but also growing still further.

There are of course house rules within the student accommodation which we insist on being adhered to on a very strict basis.

The student accommodation consists of fully furnished single and double units. We encourage interaction and no doubt networking will blossom, but we also felt it right to have separate floors for different genders, therefore no mixed student rooms are permitted. The male students are on one floor, with the females on another. The student rent is, we believe, extremely fair, and achievable, especially taking into account what is on offer.

Interested students or parents can contact us at our Braamfontein head office +27(0)11-489-1900, open from 08:00 to 18:00 Monday to Fridays; or e-mail; alternatively there is a national number, toll free – 0800-78833687; come and join the fun, its not the only way to learn, but it most certainly is the best.
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